Vorotek : O Scope

Designed for : ENT Surgeons, Audiologists, Nurses/Clinicians involved with ear wax removal

Fully Integrated Converged Binoculars and LED Illumination

Designed and developed by Dr John Vorrath (Australian ENT Surgeon). The Vorotek O Scope is the successor to the original Voroscope and LumiView and now incorporates brilliant LED illumination.

The Vorotek O Scope is ideal for all ENT applications and is now used by approximately 95% of Australian ENTs.

The original concepts remain unchanged:

  • Head worn (hands free), lightweight and portable
  • Outstanding reliability, durability & comfort
  • Dual function – upward rotation of the optic system allows uninterrupted headlight function.

The optics are a converged binocular system with 2 dioptre magnification which allow both eyes to look down a cavity. Converged optics are essential to achieve depth perception in narrow cavities and are a feature of operating microscopes.

The LED illumination (approx 55,000 lux) is aligned with the visual pathway allowing shadow free illumination of the cavity.

The improvements incorporated in the Vorotek O Scope make difficult tasks less difficult, quicker and safer.

Vorotek manufacture a range of accessories designed for use with the Vorotek O Scope.

The Vorotek O Scope Kit includes all components required by clinicians for wax management and ear drum assessment. (See Vorotek Kits & Accessories for details)

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