Vorotek : LED HeadLight

Designed for : Persons requiring completely portable head worn Surgical Quality Illumination

Portable Surgical Quality LED Illumination

Complete freedom and mobility.

In 2011 Vorotek launched the Vorotek LED HeadLight, providing Surgical Quality LED Illumination with complete freedom and mobility.

LED illumination is replacing fibre optic lighting systems. The intensity & quality of the illumination is matched and not being tethered by a fibre optic cable or power lead is a major innovation & benefit.

The Vorotek LED HeadLight is head worn (hands free), light weight and compact, emphasizing simplicity, durability and comfort.


  • Surgical Quality LED Illumination – Brilliant 75,000 lux, with superior edge-to-edge uniformity across the entire field of illumination.
  • Coaxial LED Illumination – The illumination can be adjusted to align with the individuals visual pathway, allowing shadow free illumination of the surgical field of view.
  • Dimmable LED Illumination (optional) – The dimmer function provides 7 evenly spaced levels of illumination. (Essential for eye procedures)

The 10Hr Battery Pack (Lithium Ion) provides 10 hours of ‘on time’ at the maximum level of illumination.

The Vorotek LED HeadLight is now in use in many Hospitals across Australia.

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