Vorotek : V Scope

Designed for : Emergency Doctors, Family Practitioners (GP's), Pediatricians

Fully Integrated Converged Binoculars with Surgical Quality Dimmable LED Illumination

The Ultimate in Versatility

Designed and developed by Dr John Vorrath (Australian ENT Surgeon) and launched in 2012, the Vorotek V Scope is based on the original concepts of the Vorotek O Scope:

  • Converged binocular optics, essential to achieve depth perception in narrow cavities
  • Head worn (hands free), lightweight and portable
  • Outstanding reliability, durability & comfort

However, the V Scope is the ultimate in versatility.  Combining converged binocular optics with 2 dioptre magnification and surgical quality dimmable illumination. It is ideal for almost 100% of all ENT requirements plus fine suturing, wound exploration, intubation, front of eye procedures, gynaecology and can be used as an operating room headlight.


  • Converged binocular optics with 2 dioptre magnification – a feature of operating microscopes
  • Surgical Quality LED Illumination – Brilliant 55,000 lux with superior edge-to-edge uniformity across the entire field of illumination.
  • Coaxial & Dimmable LED illumination – The location of the brilliant LED illumination is as close to the visual pathway as possible, allowing shadow free illumination of the field of view.
    The dimmer function provides 7 evenly spaced levels of illumination
  • Dual Function – The optics can be easily be rotated in and out of use, returning back into the exact set up position every time. Upward rotation of the optics allows uninterrupted vision, with or without headlight illumination.

The 10Hr Battery Pack (Lithium Ion) provides 10 hours of ‘on time’ at the maximum level of illumination.

The Vorotek V Scope Kit includes components ideally suited for Emergency and GP Applications. (See Vorotek Kits & Accessories for details)

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